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What is Lisa’s Living Room?

Founded in September of 2019, Lisa’s Living Room was created to provide a safe and brave space for professional women of color. Originally intended to be an opportunity for WOC to meet monthly to discuss topics unique to their experience and be their authentic selves, Lisa’s Living Room has morphed into an organization that is both essential and relevant.

The pandemic has forced Lisa’s Living Room to meet virtually but also allow us to open up events to non-members. These events vary but all have the same purpose of bringing people together to have the important and candid conversations to build community and bring change.

Who are these Phenomenal Women?

The Phenomenal Women of Lisa’s Living Room come from different professional and personal backgrounds but share the same goal — to be happy and healthy at home and the office. Phenomenal Women recognize that when Women support each other, incredible things happen! Phenomenal Women do not see one another as competition but as comrades. If interested in becoming a member please, Contact Us.


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