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May 2021 – Mental Health: Prayer Helps but Therapy Heals

A conversation among Therapists

Rev. Dianne Galashaw & Jalen Washington

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 6:30pm est


Rev. Dianne Galashaw is an ordained minister of counseling and has 25 years of
experience integrating psychology and spirituality into the therapeutic process.
She welcomes all ethnicities and those with or without spiritual beliefs. Dianne received her second master’s degree, a Master of Art in Theology and Ministry: Pastoral Counseling & Care, from Drew University. She holds certifications in Psychoanalytically Oriented Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Christian Counseling and is licensed through the National Christian Counseling Association. Before opening her private practice, Rev. Galashaw worked with the New York Christian Counseling Center in NYC and taught in the New York City educational system for 40 years.

To Jalen Washington, the goal of therapy is not only to resolve a conflict or find an answer but to make a connection. Jalen believes that the client drives the car of therapy while the therapist is in the passenger seat ensuring the ride is comfortable, the music is right and hazards or incomplete bridges are avoided. The brain and body should be aligned; therapy does just that. There does not always need to be a problem to go to therapy, the same way a car can use an oil change or detail before a long drive. It is hard to deal with emotional issues on your own, but more difficult to address and face them in therapy or even ask for help. With a unique style, Jalen mixes personality, humor, and sensitivity into each session while understanding needs on an individual basis. This is a judgment-free zone and a safe place for all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, creed, or identity. 

Both Dianne and Jalen are accepting new patients.

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