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July 2020 – DE&I Panel: We Need To Save Ourselves

In past weeks, there have been numerous public responses from companies; some declaring that Black Lives Matter and some others, promising to examine the diversity or lack thereof throughout their organization.

In Part 2 of the Lisa’s Living Room series, We Need to Save Ourselves experienced Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion professionals will answer the question “Where Do We Go from Here?”

Topics will include the importance of their role due to the effect of systemic racism on company culture, the responsibility of corporate America to implement initiatives to restore faith in Black employees and what returning to the office looks like during these trying times of a pandemic and social unrest.

In case you missed it, see recording here.

Black Panthers from Sacramento, Free Huey Rally, Bobby Hutton Memorial Park – Phorograph by Pirkle Jones Gift of the Pirkle Jones Foundation, ©2011 Pirkle Jones Foundation.

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