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June 2023 – Travel Event

Explore the World: The Benefits of Travel

Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 7pm est


Lisa’s Living Room welcomes a panel of travel experts to share the benefits of travel along with advice for Women of Color travelers. Is traveling alone safe for Women of Color? How do I join a travel club of like minded people? What are the must popular or must see destinations? How can travel be affordable? These, and many other questions will be answered and discussed. Whether a frequent or infrequent traveler, please join us!

Remember, we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

Read below to learn more about our panel of travel experts.

TJ Haygood is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a BS in Accounting, and Southwestern Christian College with an AA in Business. Additionally, she has acquired over 30 graduate hours in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  She is a professional speaker with international speaking experience in the United States, England and Norway.

TJ is a military spouse for over 39 years and the mother of two adult sons. She loves to travel (on land and sea), cook, decorate, and wear cowboy boots. She loves life and enjoys inspiring others to live their best life. Her favorite travel destinations are The Holy Land, Dubai, Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii. Travel Treasures by TJ offers numerous travel services including cruises, all-inclusive resorts and customized luxury travel experiences.

TJ can be contacted at https://tjhaygood.inteletravel.com/booktravel.cfm.

Shanoira Lewis also known as Noiry (sounds like Nori) is a hardworking, positive, and determined adventurer. She really discovered her love for teaching and facilitating when she moved to Thailand to teach Math and English for a little over a year. It was also at this point in her life that she really began to explore the world; this ignited her wanderlust and her hunger to immerse herself in as many cultures as she could. Shanoira has bathed with elephants at one of the many sanctuaries in Thailand, watched the sunrise in Boracay, and celebrated the amazing festival of colours Holi in India. Shanoira’s ultimate goal is to aid in creating and facilitating a safe space for Queer Women of Colour to be able to explore, immerse themselves in new cultures and ultimately ignite the passion and importance of traveling the world.


Sheneice Brown also known as Neicy is ambitious, driven and outgoing. She is a natural leader who enjoys creating spaces and opportunities for marginalized folks to come together and feel comfortable. Sheneice graduated from York University with a Honours BA in Psychology in 2015 and a couple months later took off to teach English in Daegu, South Korea for what was supposed to be one year but ended up being three years. Living abroad gave Sheneice the opportunity to explore parts of the world she had only dreamt of such as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to name a few. Sheneice created Queer Queens Travel from her love for travel and her desire to create a safe space/ travel collective for Queer Women of Colour. Her overall goal for QQT is to create a sense of community, inspire QWOC to travel and carve out a space in the travel community for QWOC.

Sheneice and Shanoira are both ambitious, driven and outgoing. They are natural leaders who enjoy creating spaces and opportunities for marginalized folks to come together and feel comfortable. They created Queer Queens Travel from their love for travel and their desire to create a safe spaces and a travel collective for Queer Women of Colour. Their overall goals for QQT is to create a sense of community, inspire QWOC to travel and carve out a space in the travel community for QWOC.

Queer Queens Travel can be contacted at https://www.queerqueenstravel.com.

Ashley McDonough, Howard University graduate, producer and journalist, is the Founder of Melanin On The Map, the FIRST travel app dedicated to minority travelers. Growing up first-generation American with parents of Caribbean descent, McDonough always had a love for culture and travel and knew a career in those fields would one day be in her future. Having traveled to over 20 countries before the age of 25, McDonough couldn’t help but notice the few faces of color she encountered on her monthly excursions and decided to do something about it. 

Launching Melanin On The Map, a safe space for travelers of color to learn, engage, create affordable travel opportunities and turn their travel passion into a paycheck, McDonough aims to change the face of minority travel, showing everyday people a brand new way to experience the world of travel. 

Learn more about Melanin on the Map at www.melaninonthemap.com and www.instagram.com/melaninonthemap

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